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Internet-centric Services Description

The following represents Hired Gun Marketing, Inc. major Internet based service offerings. While this list describes basic development services, it represents only a portion of the solutions offered. Please contact Hired Gun to discuss your specific needs.

Complete Web Planning and Design Services

Includes strategic planning and consulting, content development, graphic design, custom template design, site navigation elements, "mouse over" effects and pop-up messages, 3-D effects, logos, animation, hotspots, forms programming and management, secure areas, e-commerce, search functionality, etc.

Directed Content

Specific content may be directly displayed to users visiting a web site based upon their preferences as indicated via prior registration. Mailing list and news group distribution services.

Interactive Elements

Custom real time moderated and/or un-moderated chat systems.

Web Site Promotion

Specific techniques and software automation allows site promotion to all major and business centric search engines.

Site Hosting

Site hosting and management for total control.

Multimedia Development

Graphic design, photo scanning and retouching, format conversion, animation, sounds and narration, music, video integration, transitions and effects. Optimization for Internet and/or CD-ROM delivery.

Video Production

Video production services from concept through live capture, editing and processing to format conversion and web integration.

CD-ROM Mastering

From concept development through mastering to production.


Custom training course development and delivery services for a variety of new technology marketing topics.

Ongoing site management and maintenance services

Document updates and revisions, site statistics reporting, visitor tracking, user registration management, search engine rank reporting, archiving and back-up services, etc.

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